Vincent Leenhardt

Vice President Sales & User Experience

As a designer, my motivations have always been humans and products, or how to create the best link between both. This link comes from my 30-year experience with multifaceted projects in very large companies like Thomson, Décathlon or Tarkett, and in startups like ManoMano and now Devellyn. This link allows me to design new ways of life and to grasp the future.

Today, as head of Design and User experience, I define myself as an empathic innovator! Empathic innovation is the ability to listen to and understand people and their behaviors, without judging them, without distorting them, but with the will to imagine and implement better solutions for people, better for our environments, better for oneself.

In Devellyn project, I was attracted both by the still under-exploited terrain of the geolocation and AI aspects in buildings, but also by the meaning and the new uses to be created, particularly in the health sector. I like to see beyond what I know. That’s why I explore and use my creativity and sensitivity for one of my favorite hobby, painting…It energizes me. At Devellyn, there is a real desire to put people at the center of our solutions by adapting technology. Devellyn and its Teal culture opens up a new path towards a certain freedom of organization and real collective reflection on things. This culture is an extension of my way of thinking and acting.