The team

“At ease in every aspect of Electronics and Computer Science, I have a deep personal interest in connected objects both in their aspect of data security and their integration into everyday life.”
PhD – Chief Mathematician

“I grew up in China and dreamed of becoming a great mathematician. From a very young age, I have had an exceptional intuition and logic for mathematics.”
Map Generation Group Leader

“I spent half of my life in France, including an internship on object tracking by drones at Parrot. I spent the other half in the United States…”
Head of Design

“With my eyes always in the air, in search of beauty, for 2 years I have been working on creating our Teal image, modeled on Devellyn’s daily reality: exchange, freedom, passion.”
PhD – Director of Research in Artificial Intelligence

“Mathematics and statistics were always a natural fit for me in both my academic and doctoral careers. My research work in these fields confirmed my passion for math and in particular data analysis, but also for informatics and technology.”
Team builder – Chief Engineer

“Adaptive, Innovative and creative, would be the words that could qualify my contribution to Devellyn. Although focused on hardware development, mainly on the electronics of the project, I also like to get involved in human relations, improving team cohesion, so that the fun is the only summary of a day.”
Vice President Marketing

“Jacques Neirynck brings his experience to young companies in their early stage. As such, he is a co-founder and part of the strategic board of several companies with international ambitions in the fields of health, mobility and space.”
PhD – Vice President International Development

“A scientist by training and after a long corporate career of more than 25 years, I embarked on several associative ( and entrepreneurial adventures in France and China.”
Founder – CEO – Source

“I have a lifelong passion for everything extreme, from foiling catamarans to fast growing start-ups, with a preference for anything that has never been tried before.”
Vice President Sales & User Experience

“As a designer, my motivations have always been humans and products, or how to create the best link between both.”
Vice President Public Relations

“I have had the good fortune, in my 46-year career, to know all sides of the hospital world. As director of the Hôtel-Dieu de Paris, where I measured the complexity of hospital management, as director of hospitals at the Ministry of Health…”
Head of Apps Development

“We often talk about “starting a new adventure” when joining a start-up. But as I started my assignment with Devellyn, I thought the expression had been overused so far. ”