Olivier Guermeur

Founder – CEO – Source


I have a lifelong passion for everything extreme, from foiling catamarans to fast growing start-ups, with a preference for anything that has never been tried before.

In grade 6, I started my first venture, a plant nursery, from my parent’s backyard and have been an innovator and an entrepreneur ever since. I feel that start-ups play an irreplaceable role in transforming our society. They are a limitless playing field where I can create new breeds of organizations and management models with increased cooperation, responsibility and transparency.

In 1994, after completing an MBA at INSEAD (Fontainebleau), merging chaos theory and biology, I invented the concept of Teal organization and applied it to my own consulting firm. For seven years, with my team of 59 consultants, we went through trials and errors until all traditional management rules were successfully transformed into sheer individual freedom, responsibility and talent.

Y2k was a turning point. I realized that consulting did not make me entirely happy. Much too slow. I then started a new venture to put my new organizational skills to work and conquer the world of indoor cartography. Everything was new: Hiring over 300 people in five years, moving to the United States, fund raising in the Silicon Valley, managing offices in Asia, and becoming the major provider of Indoor Maps for Internet Giants.

I belong to a generation who has always been intimate with Computer Science. I began programming on a Sinclair ZX81, much before the IBM PC or the Macintosh were invented and never stopped coding or coaching teams of coders.

2016 saw Artificial Intelligence becoming mainstream. It was time for a reawakening. With Devellyn, I could solve a 15-year puzzle and create a stable indoor positioning algorithm so precise that people would naturally trust its recommendations to live a better informed, more fulfilling life. We are going to have a major impact in this world. I suspect this is why large hospitals begin to trust us and why our team of stars have decided to gather on this mission instead of pursuing prestigious careers in larger and more famous companies.

“Whatever you’re meant to do, do it now. The conditions are always impossible”

Doris Lessing, Litterature Nobel Prize Winner