Mathias Huitorel

Project Director

I love to explore areas I am not familiar with. Considering this past years, I must admit my curiosity is a kind of insatiable. What a delightful experience when shared with a motivated team driven by effort and sense of humor.

I graduated as a general practitioner. I’ve been involved in the community life at an early stage by being chairman in a young physician organization. This led me to Sciences Po master classes for management and health policy, dealing with political and governance aspects of the health care system. At the same time, I’ve chosen to be back in hospital to practice emergency medicine. I’ve worked in several hospitals, been involved in teaching, training and clinical research programs. I‘ve had the opportunity to work in a digital project organization led by the regional health agency (ARS Ile de France) (50 M€ budget in 2019).

I’ve discovered technical and management expertise in the information system domain, saw an opportunity, and graduated in project management. This is when I met Olivier and Devellyn team, which allowed me to support my professional thesis dealing with interactions between start-ups and hospitals.

I am convinced that it is possible to help health care professionals, ease their hard conditions of work, make it more efficient, and enhance patients experience at the same time. Both these aspects are known and pointed out through surveys for a long time. Highlighted by the covid-19 pandemic, something has to be done urgently. I want to be part of it.