Ludovic Atmadjian

Head of Apps Development

We often talk about “starting a new adventure” when joining a start-up. But as I started my assignment with Devellyn, I thought the expression had been overused so far.

Our quest is not only a great technical and scientific challenge, it is also a human adventure that shakes up my a-priori on corporate culture and relationships within a team. I am in charge of developing the applications and interfaces which must demonstrate our technological innovations to the world.

My mission is to crystallize all the intellectual effervescence of our researchers in a handful of rich but simple programs, which must make all the complexity of our field accessible to all. But apart from our “hard skills”, we all share the Teal vocation and hope to positively inspire our colleagues and customers. We believe that catalyzing individualities by valuing individual initiative and expertise invariably strengthens the cohesion of a team around very personal values.