Joséphine Merhi-Bleïk

PhD – Director of Research in Artificial Intelligence

Mathematics and statistics were always a natural fit for me in both my academic and doctoral careers. My research work in these fields confirmed my passion for math and in particular data analysis, but also for informatics and technology. This gave me a first-hand look at the work I wanted to do. Joining Devellyn allowed me to bring all these interests together. Its ambitious project combining indoor localization and artificial intelligence and the perspectives it could offer, pushed me to get into it quite fast.

Today, my work consists of implementing artificial intelligence methods in order to analyze and predict position data as well as to develop building digitization methods based on mapping principles. I am confident that this project will greatly contribute to making buildings more intelligent and improving the conditions and performance for their users.

At Devellyn, these different subjects, at the core of current trends, are studied and developed in a pleasant and dynamic environment, conducive to autonomy and above all with a great mindset.