Hervé Guermeur

Map Generation Group Leader


I spent half of my life in France, including an internship on object tracking by drones at Parrot. I spent the other half in the United States where I still live after going to college for computer & systems engineering. Thanks to this, I am fluent in both languages and both cultures, and feel at home at Devellyn – a French organization recruiting globally and aiming to expand internationally.

I love solving problems through innovation, automation, and collaboration with skilled individuals. My work at Devellyn started with optimizing and automating the digitization process for indoor maps. This process is essential to the services offered by Devellyn, as they all depend on the information held by the floor plans. I then worked on a more appropriate format to store map data to integrate it smoothly into Devellyn’s solution and get clients the most out of their plans.

Along the way I took on shorter projects that fit my skills and interests. Devellyn, to me, offers unique opportunities to explore ideas in a stimulating environment where its Teal organization favors cooperation and creativity.