Gérard Vincent

Vice President Public Relations


I have had the good fortune, in my 46-year career, to know all sides of the hospital world. As director of the Hôtel-Dieu de Paris, where I measured the complexity of hospital management, as director of hospitals at the Ministry of Health in the position of pilot and regulator of the system, at the General Inspectorate of Social Affairs, in a situation of control and evaluation of health and social policies and finally at the head of the Hospital Federation of France, animator of the environment and representative of hospitals and public retirement homes vis-à-vis the Public Authorities.

President of the European Federation, then the International Federation of Hospitals, I had the chance to understand the diversity of hospital systems around the world. Aware of the possible and desirable efficiency gains in the hospital, I was won over by Devellyn’s approach, which aims to facilitate, thanks to the developments in indoor geolocation, the work of healthcare personnel and patient journeys