General Questions

The 6FeetSafe technology is for now only for professionals,but our team is working on a more accessible solution: the 6FeetSafe Buddy. More information here.

Devellyn is open to collaborations with distributors specialised in tech equipment resale and companies (multinationals, leaders in a geographical area) whose customers are likely to be interested in our innovations. For any request for information, please contact us!

6FeetSafe Badge

The selling price of the badge is fixed. Contact cases detection is insured through a monthly subscritpion without engagement.

From a few days to a few months depending on the use case. An example : In a factory, if a person drives a forklift, we will have to update the position of the 6FeetSafe badge about 100 times more often than if a person is sitting on a chair in an office. This implies a 100 times shorter battery life.

6FeetSafe documentation

6FeetSafe Badge Brochure

6FeetSafe Badge Brochure