When our 6FeetSafe individually worn badges detect too close a distance between your employees, they are warned by audible and visual signals, thereby allowing safe distances to be respected at all times.

We provide your company with our 6FeetSafe solution, allowing for your firm to quickly resume optimal business operations, by offering your employees a simple and autonomous social distancing solution.

The 6FeetSafe Buddy can interact seamlessly with Governments contact tracing Apps.

Our API will be available to all interested backers, individual developers or corporations who wish to create Apps for their businesses and clients. Indeed, with Devellyn’s ultra-precise positioning technology, the myriad of Location Services Apps only accessible Outdoors today, suddenly become available Indoors.

Dr Tedros said measures such as social distancing, hand washing, and wearing masks in appropriate situations needed to be taken seriously, warning that there would be “no return to the old normal for the foreseeable future”.

“If the basics aren’t followed, there is only one way this pandemic is going to go,” Dr Tedros said, adding: “It’s going to get worse and worse and worse.”—13-july-2020

For Eric Caumes, head of the infectious diseases department at the Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital in Paris: “We know that it is transmitted very well indoors. It’s all enclosed spaces that pose a problem. You have to be very rigorous, very strict in enclosed spaces.

Orsay France, June 2 2020 – The startup Devellyn, a leader in the development of indoor geolocation solutions, enters the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic with its new solution, 6FeetSafe, a badge able to control interpersonal security distances.

Whilst most firms are experiencing serious disruption to their business due to the COVID-19 crisis, the start-up Devellyn SAS (Orsay France), leaders in artificial intelligence (AI) and indoor geolocation, has seized the opportunity and developed in record time the 6FeetSafe solution that has already generated significant industry interest. The 6FeetSafe solution is a fleet of individual safety distance control smart badges. How mature is this technology? When will these smart badges be operational? Who will be the primary beneficiaries? Olivier Guermeur, founder and CEO of Devellyn since 2017, tells us everything.

What does Devellyn’s business normally involve?

We deploy intelligent indoor geolocation solutions and logistic platforms into large hospitals, shopping centers and factories. By extending the GPS experience indoors, we contribute to the creation of smart buildings, which distribute the right information to the right person, just before they need it. Time and geolocation of assets and people, combined with high performance AI is the main lever today that improves safety, quality and profitability of these companies by generating improved efficiencies.

When did you choose to create 6FeetSafe?

From the start of containment due to COVID-19, we realized how difficult it was to comply
and enforce the social distancing of two meters (6 feet) between individuals, whether in
hypermarkets where we are still allowed to do our shopping or on construction sites for those who could not tele-work e.g. construction, logistics platforms, assembly plants and agriculture. It is this observation which gave us the idea to adapt our solution and to propose a badge intended to help control our movements by alerting us when safe social distancing rules are encroached. This is how 6FeetSafe was born.

What does this solution look like and how does it work?

6FeetSafe is a fleet of badges that identifies in real time the distance between badges. The 6FeetSafe Badges communicate anonymously with each other but unlike Bluetooth tools, they have a capacity to prevent viral transmission as they calculate real-time distances and notify the wearer immediately when agreed social distancing rules are not respected. Their use is entirely managed by the users (visitors and employees). The 6FeetSafe Badges are programmed to alert the wearer with audible and visible alarms as soon as another 6FeetSafe Badge enters a pre-defined distance e.g. 6 feet/2 metres. As the distance between badges reduces, the alarms get louder and louder. This is a very easy to install and use solution, assuming no specific infrastructure requirements, operating indoors as outdoors, without GPS. Each badge can easily be paired with a smartphone, which allows the user to modify the 6FeetSafe Badge parameters and to easily identify the wearer, with his/her agreement. We also offer a contact tracing service which will soon be imposed on all businesses that reopen. We save the distances between the 6FeetSafe Badges and can therefore go back in time (2 weeks) to inform all people who have been close to a person whose COVID-19 symptoms have appeared several days after their meeting.

Where exactly are you in the development of this solution?

The first version of our solution is now available. It comes from thousands of hours of research that Devellyn has devoted to designing the 6FeetSafe solution for hospitals and large
companies, especially those involved in distribution. In its current version, the 6FeetSafe solution will allow critical operations to continue operating and other industries to more rapidly resume their activities, helping their employees feel comfortable with the agreed social distancing at work.

Who will be the first beneficiaries of this solution?

The first companies to have expressed interest in this solution are those responsible for head office factories, warehouses and construction sites, where despite the confinement, many employees continue to work while trying as best as they can to respect the social distancing instructions from the authorities. With their 6FeetSafe Badge, employees can focus on their
work without having to worry about observing their colleagues since their 6FeetSafe Badge will alert them if they are too close to a work colleague. We have also received significant demand for our 6FeetSafe Badges from museums and amusement parks, wishing to provide a 6FeetSafe Badge to each visitor, thus starting the summer season 2020 in a safe way.

With the deconfinement taking place, what will be the use of 6FeetSafe in the long term?

As deconfinement gradually takes place from May 11, 2020, a recent scientific study
carried out for the French Government, based on a robust epidemiological model, predicts a rebound of the epidemic and the need for a second containment. According to this study, only the combination of social distancing and wearing a mask can effectively slow down the epidemic and mortality rate. The short-term challenge, therefore, is to safely restart the economic activities of companies with the safety and security of employees in mind. Consequently, our 6FeetSafe Badges when made available to all employees of all companies will clearly help them maintain the agreed safety distance at the workplace. The long-term challenge is however, to migrate to a consumer solution at very low cost, in order to equip
a significant part of the population and thus being able to have two weeks of contact history at all times in the event of a recurrence of the COVID-19 epidemic or the start of a new pandemic.

How is Devellyn preparing for this challenge?

The Badge deployed in large companies is a little gem of technology (patented), capable
to secure thousands of employees in the same building. It is way too expensive to be sold, in the current circumstances of great uncertainty. That is why Devellyn has chosen a marketing method based on a rental platform. So that the working population can also have a “General Public” solution, we have designed a small device that plugs into any smartphone power outlet. It will use all the electronics and energy of the Smartphone and can therefore be produced at a much lower cost than the current 6FeetSafe Badge. The development of this device involves heavy investments, especially in terms of IT development to be compatible with all models of Smartphones. We are therefore launching at the beginning of June 2020 a global crowdfunding campaign with Kickstarter, hoping to quickly raise ten million euros.

About Devellyn ( :

Founded in 2016, Devellyn LLC (Delaware, USA) is a leader in the development of Realtime Location Systems that extend the GPS experience indoors, creating smart buildings. Devellyn’s strong R & D team, with expertise in 3D digital mapping, artificial intelligence and UWB technology, create algorithms that anticipate movement flows of people and mobile equipment, delivering geolocation solutions to hospitals, supermarkets and other busy workplaces and public settings improving security, quality, efficiencies and financial returns. Much of the expertise at Devellyn comes from their founders work over 15 years developing indoor navigation projects for top GAFA companies. Devellyn is now fully focused on creating and installing world class positioning systems and Apps in very large venues in Europe, USA and China.

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